Wireless and Mobile Devices

Wireless Information

How can I get on wireless at Penn?
  • Wireless coverage is provided in nearly all VPUL spaces. VPULTS will support wireless on VPUL laptops, but is unable to support personal laptops and mobile devices. For instructions on connecting personal devices, please see ISC’s wireless configuration page.
What are AirPennNet and AirPennNet-Guest?

There is one wireless system with two networks available to the University community: AirPennNet and AirPennNet-Guest.

  • AirPennNet (staff and students):
    • VPUL Technology Services recommends that staff and students with existing PennKeys use AirPennNet for more secure wireless access. To use AirPennNet, Penn’s encrypted wireless network, users need a laptop or mobile device with a wireless adapter that is capable of supporting the 802.1x protocol. Most laptops or devices later than 2000 should be capable of supporting this protocol.
    • For instructions on configuring your mobile device for use with AirPennNet, please visit ISC’s AirPennNet configuration page.
  • AirPennNet-Guest (visitors):
    • As of April 27th, 2017, visitors to campus will only need a valid e-mail address to connect to AirPennNet-Guest. The e-mail address need not be a Penn-provided address.
    • Previous authentication methods such as Conference Codes, Guest PennKeys, or sponsorship by a Penn affiliate will no longer be required, eliminating the need to submit requests for wireless access during events.
    • AirPennNet-Guest is a wireless network with limited bandwidth and no encryption, which is set up for use by visitors to Penn. Registration of devices on AirPennNet-Guest must be renewed daily. AirPennNet-Guest is located in the same coverage areas where AirPennNet is found. 
      • Connect to AirPennNet-Guest as you normally would on your PC or mobile device.
      • Open a web browser.
      • If you are not presented with a web page detailing the Acceptable Use Policy terms and conditions for using AirPennNet-Guest upon launching your web browser, attempt to navigate to any website (i.e. google.com) and you should be redirected automatically.
      • Read and accept the Acceptable Use Policy terms and conditions for using AirPennNet-Guest.
      • Enter a valid e-mail address, i.e. jane.doe@gmail.com.
      • Click Submit.
Where is wireless available?
  • Wireless access is available throughout the VPUL division. With the exceptions noted below, wireless is available throughout the entire Department’s suite/location.
    • Counseling and Psychological Services: Available only in the waiting areas in the mezzanine and on the 2nd floor.
    • Career Services: Available only in the waiting areas and library in Suite 20, Conference Rm. 70 and 97.
    • Student Health Service: Available only in the waiting area.
    • ARCH Building (La Casa Latina, Makuu, PAACH): Available only on the 1st floor and in Memorial Hall.
    • NROTC: Wireless not available.
What devices are supported?
  • The University of Pennsylvania provides a single wireless system for the entire campus. Thus, successfully connecting to wireless in (for example) a Wharton or SEAS building predicts successfully connecting to wireless in a VPUL space.
  • VPULTS is able to provide full support for all VPUL-owned laptops. For personally-owned wireless devices, we are able to confirm proper functionality at a network level, but we cannot support personal software or hardware.
  • For VPUL wireless support, please e-mail tech@pobox.upenn.edu.

Mobile Devices

How can I sync my personal phone with my e-mail?
  • Syncing of mobile devices with e-mail is only supported for Penn-owned mobile devices and for essential VPUL business. Requests for this must come from directors.