Welcome to VPUL

VPUL Technology Services (VPULTS) welcomes you to the Division of the Vice Provost for University Life (VPUL). Technology support is decentralized at the university, and we are the Local Support Provider (LSP) for the division. We provide many services, including hardware and software support and technology implementations.

VPUL staff may require access to a number of different systems administered by VPUL Technology Services, by Penn’s central computing provider — Information Systems and Computing (ISC) — or by Penn’s library system. Virtually all resources require a current user ID and password to access them.

For access to most of the central university systems, a PennKey username and password are required. The PennKey username is also used as the username for all other Penn systems, including those supported by VPULTS. However, these rely on separately managed passwords.

  • Your VPUL account is used to access: VPUL computers, VPUL printers, and VPUL departmental data and applications.
  • Your PennKey is used for authentication to: password-protected sections of the VPUL website, AirPennNet (Wi-Fi), Payroll, U@Penn & Penn Portal, and Central Library Resources.
    • All staff are required to set up two-step verification. Visit our Accounts page for more information.

Essentials for Getting Started

Get on Payroll

At least two weeks before you arrive at Penn, request that your department send you payroll forms. Once you are on payroll, there is a 24-hour wait period before moving on to the next steps.

Get a PennCard

Your PennCard is your identification card while at the university. You need it almost everywhere. Please work with your immediate supervisor to obtain a PennCard.

  • More information on your PennCard can be found here.
Create a PennKey

Your PennKey serves as your electronic ID while at the university. It is required to open any other accounts (e-mail accounts, VPUL computing accounts, direct deposit accounts, etc.). Additionally, your PennKey will become the first part of your email address.

  • Please note that once selected, your PennKey cannot be changed. Please reach out to VPULTS (3-8324, press 1) if you dislike all the options presented before choosing one.
  • Once you select a PennKey, you will be assigned a temporary setup code that allows you to activate your PennKey online. You should receive a setup code in advance or at the same time you get your PennCard.
    • Short-term guests (less than two weeks) can receive temporary PennKeys for Wi-Fi and public computer access. VPULTS can assist with obtaining guest PennKeys for short-term and/or large conferences — we will require each guest’s name and duration of stay.
    • Long-term guests (more than two weeks) will get a setup code to create a PennKey. VPULTS will require the sponsor’s name and Penn ID number, as well as each guest’s name and date of birth.
Get to Know Your VPUL Account

Your Penn E-mail Address: All staff receive a full Microsoft Office 365 account for email, calendar, and contacts. Your address has been created automatically and takes the form of pennkey@upenn.edu.

Your Office Computer: All staff are provided with an office PC running Microsoft Windows 10. All systems are configured with software provided and supported by VPULTS, including Penn-supported software, Office365, BlueJeans, etc.

File Storage:

  • For an individual staff member:
    • All staff are provided with a “My Documents” folder, accessed by the individual staff member.
    • All data is centrally stored on VPULTS-supported infrastructure, with the exception of personal pictures and videos, which are stored on local desktops.
  • For a department or group:
    • Group Share (normally Drive G:): This drive contains files shared by all staff within the department or group.
    • Multimedia Share (normally Drive Z:): This drive contains multimedia files (photos, videos, brochures, etc.) shared by all staff within the department or group.
  • Special:
    • Budget Share (normally Drive M:): Access to this drive is limited to those requiring management of budgets.
  • Depending on your position within your department you may need access to VPUL CMS, the departmental web content management system.

Other features of your VPULTS account:

  • PollAnywhere: Create polls and capture responses.
  • Qualtrics Survey Tool: Create surveys for feedback and RSVPs (departmental and individual).
  • U@Penn Employee Portal (login using your PennKey): Access info about employee resources. View, enroll in, and change health and retirement benefits.
  • Penn Directory: Update your listing in the Penn Directory.

Acceptable Use Policy

The University of Pennsylvania makes computing resources available to faculty, students, staff, registered guests, and the general public to support the educational, research, and service missions of the University. Please familiarize yourself with the Policy for the Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources.