University Life utilizes Pantheon for hosting WordPress websites for your online presence needs.  Pantheon provides deployment tools that greatly ease the process of deploying and maintaining websites.  The University contract with Pantheon provides additional services and protections beyond those provided by self-service hosting plans.  WordPress provides you with an easy-to-use website content management system, allowing you to create awesome content for your website.

If you require access to your department website, please visit the Account Management portal – or if you need a new website created, please visit our Request Assistance page.

WordPress on Pantheon

  • Pantheon’s WordPress hosting delivers sites with unrivaled speed, uptime and scalability

  • Super-efficient container-based platform.  This means that your site will always at its best.

  • Serverless WordPress architecture approach, allowing to create and publish web content without IT overhead.

  • Easy-to-apply updates with built-in testing environments.

  • Automated backups.

  • Integrated version control.