How to: Add a home page notification

To display a home page notification, follow the steps below.  If you need to send out an email notification, check out our guide.


Log In To WordPress

Please ensure that you’re logged in to the VPULTS WordPress admin page.


Navigate to the home page

On the WordPress dashboard, click on the Pages link on the left-side navigation. Proceed to find Home — Front Page and click Edit.

Or, you can also navigate to the home page and click Edit Page in the very top toolbar.


Insert a Notification Block

Add a new block by clicking the blue Add Block icon located toward the upper-left. Click the Reusable tab then select VPULTS Notification.


Modify the Block

Click Convert to regular blocks to begin making modifying the content.

You can then re-order the block placement by clicking Move Up or Move Down on the block header.


Preview then Update

Don’t forget to Preview then Update when you’re satisfied with your edits, located toward the upper-right.