Zoom Updates For September 21, 2020

Monday, September 21, 2020

New and enhanced features

  • General features
    • Calendar Integration sync improvement – Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS
      Deleting a meeting in the desktop client will now delete the calendar event on the synced calendar, if write permission is given.
    • Enhanced Edit Country interface when scheduling – Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS
      Adjusting the dial-in countries included in a meeting’s invite when scheduling is now enhanced to make adding, removing and reordering countries easier.
    • Enhanced integration with Outlook client – Windows
      The Zoom desktop client integration with the Outlook client now provides the option to sync your Zoom status and profile picture to Outlook.
    • Studio Effects – Windows, macOS
      Users can now apply eyebrows, mustache and beard, and lip color filters as part of their video appearance. This feature is currently in beta.
    • Enhanced scheduling with default settings – Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS
      Scheduling a new meeting will always check the user’s web settings and use those as the default. Any changes from the default will be saved for that meeting only.
    • Share Device Audio – Android
      Mobile users can now share device audio in a meeting through the mobile app. Note: Not all mobile apps support their audio being shared, so functionality will vary.
    • Virtual Background support for Android – Android
      Android users can now utilize the virtual background feature. This feature requires Android 8.0 or higher and a processor with 8 or more cores. Supported processors include Qualcomm 835, Samsung Exynos 9810 and Huawei Kirin 980.
    • Additional MSI/GPO Options – Windows, macOS
      • Spotlight Self when speaking – zPolicy_EnableSpotlightSelf
      • Display up to 49 participants per screen in Gallery View – zPolicy_Enable49Video
      • Remind me () minutes before my upcoming meetings – zPolicy_EnableRemindMeetingTime
      • Default video rendering method – Windows
    • Uninstall desktop client via MDM – macOS
  • Meeting/webinar features
    • Roll-up Closed Captioning – Windows, macOS, iOS
      Closed captioning will now roll up as new captions are added. Users can also move through captioning by dragging the text.
    • Virtual Background not compatible explanation – Windows, macOS
      When you are unable to use the virtual background feature, the desktop client will provide clarification, for example, the i7-5500U processor is not currently compatible with this feature.
  • Meeting features
    • Self-select Breakout Room – Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS
      The host can now create breakout rooms with the option for participants to self-select which breakout room they would like to join. If enabled, participants can move freely between breakout rooms, without needing the host’s help. Both the meeting host and participants need to be on Client 5.3.0 or later to self-select Breakout Rooms. 
    • Share files with Microsoft SharePoint – Windows, macOS
      Attendees can now share files from SharePoint directly through in-meeting chat.
  • Chat features
    • Hide chat bots in IM list – Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
      Users can hide chat bots deployed by their admin they do not have use for.
    • Right-click menu for links in IM chat – Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
      Right-clicking a link will now display a menu, providing options to copy or open the link.
    • Improved image preview and image viewer – Windows, macOS
      Images sent in IM chat integrate better with sent text, and images will open within the Zoom desktop client’s new image viewer.
    • Enhanced Link Preview – Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
      Zoom meeting links will now show more details, such as meeting name, ID, start time, Join button, and meeting duration when done.
    • Enhanced Search – Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
      Desktop users can filter by Order, Sent by, and date filters for file search. Mobile users can filter by Order for file search. All image search results will display as thumbnail previews. Channel and contact results will also be split into their own categories. Users can also clear the list of recent searches.
    • Mark as Unread for images and files – Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
      Transferred files and images can also be marked as unread.